About Us

About Us

The Manawatū Tech Collective is an industry led non profit organisation working towards a thriving local technology hub. Strong tech companies thrive in a strong tech ecosystem.

Drawing skilled people to the area is hard. Larger centres have higher wages, better beaches and more night life. Local businesses are often not aware that local tech companies have the talent and experience to provide excellent solutions. Students studying at Massey and UCol leave town unaware that there are companies here with global impact would would love to hire them. Big name vendors and speakers stick to the main centres.

Local tech company owners tried fix this for years, but everyone was so busy running their businesses that no one had time to build momentum and keep things moving. ManawaTech was formed and funded by those leaders. Membership is by annual subscription. A board is elected by the members at the Annual General Meeting each year.

Our aims are to:

Build Local Talent

Increase Connectedness

Tell our Story

Support the Future


We are part of a much broader Tech Ecosystem nationwide. This lets us bring people and events to town that would normally just go to the big centres.

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