Tell your Story One of our aims is to tell better tech stories, to talk about tech success in the region. So many people doing very interesting stuff locally, but no one knows about it. Lets share that to provide inspiration for our peers, as a drawcard to bring new tech people to the region. These stories also available via RSS

Internship Guide

How to find and care for interns, selecting projects, benefits and more

  • 9 Nov 2023
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Tiger Fu

Tiger found work through his cybersecurity internship at Advantage

Tech is thriving in the Manawatū

In the fast-moving tech world, working 14 years for one company is a pretty long time. But Craig at ITL wouldn't have it any other way

The perfect place to start a career

Just as Max Remacle's pilot career was about to take off, COVID-19 hit. His shift into software development - and his move to Palmy - has paid off.

Using tech to plant trees

What do a GPS connected shovel and an excavator attachment have in common? Accurately planting trees to ensure optimum yield

Theresa Byrne finds her place in the IT sector

Theresa's Dad challenged her to consider tech after years at the meat-works. Now she loves an exciting and varied career.

Inspiring young minds at Girls High

Nicola King has been teaching Technology at Girls’ High for nearly 23 years. With her zest for learning, she’s still just as excited as when she began

  • 1 May 2023

Keeping the World fueled up - from Palmy

The team at Integration Technologies Limited (ITL) supply a critical piece of tech to retail petrol stations in 64 countries worldwide.

Andy Chilton on a career in tech

After 25+ years in the tech industry, Software Engineer Andy Chilton is using his diverse skills at Certified Energy for renewable and zero carbon energy

Kiwi tech changing global agriculture

A group of talented software engineers is taking their technology to the world and transforming the global agricultural industry one sensor at a time

Salary Survey 2022

Our regional tech salary survey for 2022

  • 11 Sep 2022
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Digits volunteer helping reduce the digital divide

Freelance website designer Roland Riddell connects disadvantaged children with the technology they need to succeed in their education and life.

Tech Happiness Survey 2022

Results for the annual survey of tech people

  • 26 Jul 2022

Make Radar Simple: cutting edge mm radar from Radar IQ

Palmerston North Tech Entrepreneur and Engineer Aaron Fulton knows first-hand the challenges of developing a new product and launching it into the market.

Tales from a Security Operations Centre

Dr Bryce Antony is a senior cyber security engineer for Advantage. He gave a look behind the scenes of Advantage's security operations centre.

From university exams to a full time job at Levno

Gray Hockley is living her dream working as a Software Developer for a Palmerston North technology company

Tech's Wicked Problem

Local tech companies are pulled between rapidly rising tech salaries, shortage of staff, customers who need projects done but who can't pay more

  • 4 Apr 2022
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Salary Survey 2021

What salary and benefits should tech people in the Manawatū region expect? We surveyed local tech companies to find out what they offer.

  • 30 Nov 2021
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Advantage talks Managed Security in NZ

Advantage started 37 years ago and has grown to meet changes in market and industry

Studying IT

Emma Glendinning studied IT at UCOL and it changed her life

Massey lab encourages innovative students

Professor Johan Potgieter and his team at the Massey AgriFood Digital Lab are working on projects like robotics and 3D printing and are being noticed.

Beta Solutions: Glowworm LED Bike Lighting solution

Beta did the hardware, firmware and more for a clever LED bike light and Powerbank with bluetooth and mobile phone app

Trio: An enjoyable and purpose-driven workplace

Dynamic. Growing. Evolving. These are the three words Nick Crossman uses to describe the tech industry in the Manawatū, and he would know...

Levno: Students to employees

Levno provides cloud connected farm monitoring systems

Beta Solutions: Building from the ground up

Business growth enables other businesses to grow

Stock Trim and Times-7: complex supply chains

60 products and 1300 individual components is a challenge to manage.

Deptive: Live Well

Exploring the intersection between company values, work, and life

Green Tech Robotics: Weed Beaters

Greentech Robotics is developing a fully autonomous robotic weeder, which aims to quickly and accurately remove weeds from commercial vegetable fields.

Objective builds world class development centre

A centre of excellence in software