One of our aims is to tell better tech stories, to talk about tech success in the region. So many people doing very interesting stuff locally, but no one knows about it. Lets share that to provide inspiration for our peers, as a drawcard to bring new tech people to the region.

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Beta Solutions: Glowworm LED Bike Lighting solution

23 Jul 2021 Beta Solutions Ltd

Beta did the hardware, firmware and more for a clever LED bike light and Powerbank with bluetooth and mobile phone app

Trio: An enjoyable and purpose-driven workplace

30 Jun 2021 Trio Technology

Dynamic. Growing. Evolving. These are the three words Nick Crossman uses to describe the tech industry in the Manawatū, and he would know...

Levno: Students to employees

28 May 2021 Levno

Levno provides cloud connected farm monitoring systems

Beta Solutions: Building from the ground up

28 May 2021 Beta Solutions Ltd

Business growth enables other businesses to grow

Stock Trim and Times-7: complex supply chains

25 May 2021 Stock Trim

60 products and 1300 individual components is a challenge to manage.

Deptive: Live Well

8 May 2021 Deptive

Exploring the intersection between company values, work, and life

Green Tech Robotics: Weed Beaters

8 May 2021 Green Tech Robotics

Greentech Robotics is developing a fully autonomous robotic weeder, which aims to quickly and accurately remove weeds from commercial vegetable fields.

Objective builds world class development centre

29 Apr 2021 Objective

A centre of excellence in software