Skills Framework

Skills Framework

SFIA: Skills Framework for the Information Age

SFIA lets you take a vague statement like "5 years experience as a software developer" and turn it into a quantitative measure that shows you how you compare with others who have similar experience. There are 121 skills divided into 7 levels in SFIA version 8.

Measure your skills in the ManawaTech member's area. See skills for the whole region in the Heat Map.


A number of large local companies use SFIA to help them design a scalable personnel framework directed by business rules. It results in better job design, structured personnel development, tools for mentoring, and a way to simply know what skills you have in the building.

Need help to get started? Daniel Merriott from Digital Skills Agency is a NZ SFIA expert, and available to companies with 20+ tech people. If your company is smaller, contact us for alternatives.


ManawaTech's use of SFIA is licensed. You may use the Skills Framework tools on the ManawaTech web site to:

Our license expressly prohibits us from making money directly from the SFIA framework, for example by selling consulting services or access to the tools.