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Thanks for your interest. To make a useful listing, collect some information about your business, its tools, products, and services. To prevent spam and hackers, this is a process requires human review. Contact us by email, then set up your company profile which gives you tools to manage your listing and for hiring.

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Jobs are connected to companies to that people can easily find out more about you, and whether their skills match your stack. So you can only list a job here if the company has a profile. We can add jobs from third party systems like Seek or Trademe, or jobs that are "word of mouth". Your company will have a "Currently Hiring" tag if we have a current job listed for you. Jobs automatically expire after 6 weeks. Contact us to renew the listing if you haven't found someone yet.

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The calendar has a list of tech related events in the region. We manually curate this from a number of sources. If you'd like to list an event, email us with: event name, description, start date, venue address, registration url. We do this manually to reduce spam.

Tell your Story

Stories are connected to company profiles. They add background and local colour, giving people a feel for what it is like to work here, the kinds of challenges they will be part of. Stories are a chance to be a little bit proud of the things we have made. Many of us have made some very cool things, but not many people locally even know about it. To them, we are just another logo on a building somewhere. Let's draw some personality around those logos, talk about the characters in the buildings and the amazing things we have done.

A Story could be as small as a 3 sentence summary with a link to your existing blog / news article else where. Or it could be a 3-5 minute read with a couple of photos. Contact us (above) when you'd like to get started.