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Guy Phillips

Guy is ex military, running a VC funded startup Bolster tracking shipping containers around the world. NZ is heavily reliant on import and export. Bolster's tech helps with that. Also talks about friendships and finding a startup cofounder. YouTube Spotify

Aron Fulton

Aaron studied Food Technology at Massey, but loved tech more. He was employee number one at Levno and was there as the company grew to 50 people. He's done consulting, built his own Radar Electronics company, and had some interesting challenges working for the Vet Association doing CRM and Beta Solutions supporting their electronics / hardware design. YouTube Spotify

Mark Easton

Mark from Nodero talks about entrepreneurship, starting your own company ("the hardest part of any business is making sales"), and his career in tech working in some of the big name companies locally. YouTube Spotify

Patricia Virgen

"Patricia is wrapping up an 11-month internship. We discuss Patricia's experience studying software engineering, teaching students, and the real world." Spotify, YouTube

Michael Davis

Learn about Michael's journey from leading a team as a Chief Technology Officer to challenging himself further, going out on his own and becoming an independent game developer. Spotify, YouTube