Our Member's area has two parts

Individual Profile

Sign up with a personal email address to create a new account. The core part of your profile is just your name and email. This stays private / hidden until you enable a work or mentoring profile.

You can Hide your work or mentoring profiles if you found something. Your data is hidden from everyone except you. When you are ready to look again, log in and Show your profile so others can see it.

Profiles have an expiry date. A week before the expiry date, you will get an email. Click the link to renew your profile. If you forget, or if you don't like to click links in emails, first log in and Hide then Show your profile to renew it. This helps ensure all users have fresh useful data.

Create Individual Profile

Company Profile

ManawaTech Members can log in and

Sign up with a company email address which matches the domain name of your company listing. When you click the emailed link, you should see "Employer Registration" if we were able to match you up with a known company. If you get stuck, contact us for help. Large organisations require manual set up: you probably only want a few people with permission to edit your company profile. Contact us to get started.

Create Company Profile

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