ManawaTech is supported by the local tech industry. It keeps us focussed on meeting our aims.

Plan Company Size Subscription
Bronze 1-3 tech staff $300/year
Silver 4-12 tech staff $1500/year
Gold 13+ tech staff $3000/year

All plans are an annual subscription payable from the date you you join, automatically renewing on the 1 year anniversary. Prices exclude GST. Only companies can join. Everything for individuals is free.

Member Benefits

Your subscription provides direct benefits to your company. It also helps build and support the local tech community

Your voice is added to the others in the region, which helps us all get the attention that once voice alone could not get. It helps us to gradually "lift the tide" so that everyone benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my staff get poached?

A more liquid / fluid employment market is a sign of a healthy tech ecosystem: proof that ManawaTech is successful. Good people are hard to find and are in high demand. Software people need to keep learning to stay fresh and on the edge of their game. If they have been with you for a few years, they may have hit the limit of how far they can grow and be looking for a new challenge. How can we take a longer term career view of our staff? If you let them go and cheer them on, maybe they will come back in a few years with new skills that will really make a difference to your product or profitability. Keeping them local means they are still here "in the pool". If you have an great work environment with interesting challenges, it will draw people in. Word will spread. As we work alongside each other and become more connected as a tech ecosystem, trust will build. Maybe there are other options if another company needs them for a short time, like a secondment or a sabbatical?

What is my subscription spent on?

ManawaTech is like the plastic thingy that holds a six pack together. In years past, we had many great companies changing the world in their own way, but not much connection between them. We started ManawaTech because it's something the local tech community wanted, but no one had the time to actually make it happen. Your financial support pays the wages and admin overheads of running a small non-profit organisation. We do our best to keep it lean, and to stay close to the ground so we can listen well.

Take a look at out Statistics page for the easily measurable outcomes. Much of our work is intangible: communication, fostering networks, building people and relationships.

Who is in charge?

Currently we have a few part time staff with close accountability to a board that meets monthly. Members are welcome to attend the AGM and will have opportunity to join the board if nominated and voted in by your peers.

How can I help?

Thanks for your enthusiasm!