Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits

ManawaTech is industry led and industry funded. It keeps us focussed on meeting our aims.

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Prices exclude GST. All plans are an annual subscription payable from the date you you join, automatically renewing around the 1 year anniversary.

Your subscription provides direct benefits to you. It also helps build and support the local tech community.

Individual Member Benefits

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"I see the work being done by ManawaTech - things like software meetups, helping people find jobs and fill roles, and working with people on professional development, mentoring, and helping in schools and on community projects. I jumped at the chance to join as an individual member, so that these efforts may continue to exist, and to help foster the future of software development in the Manawatu." - Jonathan

Company Member Benefits

For you and your people

As a company

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Benefits to Everyone

Supporting ManawaTech directly supports and builds the broader tech ecosystem. Board members and a network of volunteers are all working to make our region an excellent place to have a career in tech.

Your support directly enables

Your voice is added to the others in the region, which helps us all get the attention that once voice alone could not get. It helps us to gradually "lift the tide" so that everyone benefits.

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