Sponsored by Digital Skills Agency A local mentoring program is open to high school students, tertiary students, and people working in the region's tech industry.

Types of mentoring offered:

Thanks to Digital Skills Agency for sponsoring the mentoring program.

Finding a Mentor

Register on our site to create a Mentee Profile. You can describe a bit about yourself and what you are looking for. Expect to meet with your mentor monthly for 6-12 months (or more often, or for longer as needed).

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It may take a few months to find a match for you. Mentors are screened and receive training to ensure both of you have quality interaction. We may match individuals as new mentors are approved, or may hold "mix and match" events where a number of mentors and mentees are invited to an informal event to build their own connections. If your profile says you are looking for a mentor around the time of an event, we will send an email to invite you.

Mentors offer their time and skills to help build local capacity and talent for the benefit of everyone (so be nice to them!)

Become a Mentor

Thank you for volunteering your experience and time. A great mentor is mostly someone who is a great listener, with a bit of experience to know the right questions to ask.

Register on our site to create a Mentoring Profile. You can describe a bit about yourself, what you have to offer, and the types of mentoring that interest you. Mentors are screened (a brief phone interview or coffee meeting), and receive mentoring skills training. The training is a compulsory quarterly meetup, which is a chance to pick up a new skill or two and share your mentoring experiences with other local mentors (peer support).

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The mentoring program leadership team are volunteers too. If you have spare time to help, or useful ideas they welcome your support and energy.


A number of other organisations operate locally and offer mentoring. Please sign up directly with them

IT Professionals

ITP have a professional mentoring program Mentors must be members of ITP, attend an induction, and a short training course. Mentees must also be ITP members. There is no cost to either (except the ITP membership fee). Expect to meet roughly 10 times in a 12 month period.


A student led initiative connecting tertiary students to industry via workshops, training, site visits, internships and mentoring.


Tahi Rua Toru Tech is for year 9-12 school students. They pick a problem and use digital technologies to solve it. You go in to the school as an industry mentor and help them. Time commitment varies depending on the school, teacher and number of teams. Usually you meet with teams 2-3 times over a 12 week period.


Tech Women offer mentoring circles where 6 mentees and 2 mentors meet on a regular basis. There is nothing currently in the Manawatū, but reach out and maybe help something get started here.


Girls in years 9-11 join a day in the life of the tech sector. A number of local companies currently participate.


An app used by classroom teachers to help young people to set goals, discover strengths, manage their learning, plan future pathways and become work ready. Students own and manage their profile and take it with them on their journey through school and beyond. For secondary and tertiary institutions. The MyMahi office is here in Palmerston North.