Professional Development

Professional Development

Lifetime learning. So many new shiny toys to play with. Thats why we love what we do.

Local Meetups

There is plenty going on here. A few meetups are regular monthly events. Some are quarterly or on demand (like when a good speaker is available).

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Education Opportunities

UCol offers courses that combine IT skills and practical experience to ensure that students become industry-ready professionals. Qualifications include a Bachelor of Information and Communications Technology, Diplomas in Technical Support, Graduate Diplomas and Certificate programmes. Visit for more information. They also offer Assessment of Prior Learning which can help IT professionals obtain formal qualifications from their work skills.

Massey University allow people from industry to attend their courses if there is a specific skill you want to pick up

IT Professionals offer a broad range of regular short courses covering topics like Security, Governance, Strategy, Project Management, People Management, Communication Skills. Contact Us if you want to join one: we may be able to get enough people together to hold it locally (and save you the cost of travel).

English for Employees is offered locally if you (or some of your colleagues) would like to brush up on your workplace English. The Palmerston North branch have offered IT focussed classes for groups of 8-10 people. Courses are free for residents and citizens. Class times are flexible, and can be held in evenings or on weekends to accommodate work hours.