Industry Map

Industry Map

The local tech ecosystem is dynamic, ever changing and growing. So we made a dynamic ecosystem map to show the relationships between companies and the industries they are in. A small preview of the map is shown below. Click to view a full page version. The full page map is interactive: click on a company to view company details, scroll to zoom, drag to move. Shake an icon to give the local industry a wiggle: go on, we know you want to. All this data is pulled live from our companies database. Contact us if you'd like to see your logo here or have a suggestion to improve the categories.

See also the Physical Map which plots all our companies on a street map, and the local ecosystem statistics.

Grouped by Industry


Agricultural and Horticultural Technology

Business Processes

Accounting, Inventory, CRM, Point of Sale, Tracking, Compliance, Knowledge management, Legal, Workflows, Integration

  • Author-it Software Co. (ASC): We are a world leading SaaS and on premise provider for authoring technical publications, e-learning and pharmaceutical information.
  • Brave Trace: Enabling the credible transfer of renewable energy production attributes, from zero-carbon and 100% renewable electricity generation.
  • EZICHEQ: A SaaS platform helping Kiwi SME's keep track of their stuff.
  • Glassbox
  • ifTHEN: Making your work flow through digital transformation of your workplace - Laserfiche DocuSign ABBYY
  • insource
  • Objective: We create software that makes a difference
  • Peoplesafe


Internet service provider, web hosting, telecommunications

Computer Retail

Sale of computers, components and peripherals to the general public


Advice, strategy, project leadership, business analysis, project management, virtual CIO

Corporate Services

IT department serving large national company


Tech for learning and teaching, for students and teachers

Factory Automation

Electrical, sensors, SCADA, robotics


Food technology


Game development


Councils, military, services providers to government


Physical devices custom built as own product or for others


Health and wellbeing, sports and performance, hospitals and medical


Transport, warehouse, inventory


Tech companies with significant Māori focus, founders


Building custom software / web / mobile products and services for other companies

Tech Infrastructure

Design, install, maintain, secure servers, networks and endpoints for other companies

Web and Design

Build small business web sites, graphic design, logo and print, search engine marketing, social media