There are a number of good options for finding work and hiring new people locally.


Finding people locally:

Finding people nationally:

Finding Work

Attitude Shift

How to handle staff shortages:

For many years, we (the tech industry) have preferred hiring in the exact skills needed for a task, rather than training or building the people we already have(1). Tony Alexander did a work place survey in July 2021 and wrote an article summarising what he learned:

These are general recommendations across many industries. But a lot of them are useful to tech. We need an attitude shift: from treating tech people as resources to be consumed, to taking a career length view of a person: giving them room to grow and the challenges they need to stay interested.

(1) this is a broad generalisation. Some companies are excellent at giving staff the chance to grow new skills alongside the needs of the business as it grows. But from many sources we see an overwhelming trend to hire the exact skills wanted each time. Which is why NZ has a critical skills shortage for senior IT staff, especially with borders closed to skilled immigrants.