Croptide has developed a novel sensor to precisely read plant status directly from the stem of plants such as grapevines and apple trees. We put real time plant intelligence at growers’ fingertips, providing actionable insights to help them make more effective and efficient growing decisions that equate to better financial and environmental outcomes.

Our mission is to enable growers to make smarter and more effective growing decisions in real time.

The Croptide team is passionate about supporting fruit and wine growers as they face the impacts of climate change. After talking to commercial growers in our local community about how technology could make a difference to support them, Croptide’s founders set out to create a truly scalable sensor to provide real time feedback of plant status directly from the stem into growers hands. We provide actionable insights to support achieving optimal crop outcomes with minimal inputs – and the ability to respond in the most effective way to extreme weather.

SkillHardware Development Internet of Things Radio
ToolAWS Flutter Linux node.js TDD TypeScript


2024 Fourneau Innovation Award.