Cloud Engineer


AWS, Terraform, Cloudformation, CDK, Linux, Bash, Windows, Powershell, Server Management, Monitoring, Networking

Company Introduction

Teem (http://teem.nz ) is a technology company based New Zealand.

Teem develops solutions for speeding up customer’s journey to the cloud, specifically Amazon Web Services.

Job Description

The role has been created out of a need for servicing current demands for cloud automation of AWS cloud environments.

This is a hands on technical position that provides technical automation solutions to customers including:

Cloud migrations.
Scripting infrastructure builds.
Continuous Integration.
Cloud SDK Integration.
It is envisaged as the business grows you’ll have opportunities to work with amazing customers, projects and the chance to travel.


Cloud Automation

Development of Automation Scripts

Installation of servers and Infrastructure

Network automation

Automated build of cloud environments.

Server management

Setup monitoring, backups and other services and agents as necessary

Install server packages/features on Linux and Windows

Servers operate to customer requirements.

Monitoring and alerting setup correctly.

Design support

Input into cloud design

Design of VPC, Routing and other network components.

Customer AWS Environments meet customer’s requirements and meet AWS guidelines for architecture.