Frog Parking
36 Victoria Ave
Palmerston North 4410


2022 CEO of the Year 2022: Shareena Sandbrook.


Customer Support Engineer

In this role you will be interfacing directly with customers and internal teams to assist customers to achieve their goals. You will help customers set-up, manage, and troubleshoot their parking operation to maximize results, as well as provide training to empower them to help themselves. You will also assist new developments by collecting customer requirements, communicating development milestones, running feature/mobile beta and rolling out relevant programs.

Key tasks/responsibilities:
Configure online environments for new clients
Provide system training to new and existing clients across all Frogparking modules
Assist existing clients in managing site operation
Troubleshoot issues with clients
Consult with clients on their requirements and derive solutions using internal tools
Test features and apps prior to public rollout
Manage beta programs with clients

Tertiary or equivalent degree in Engineering, Technology, or Computer-based Science,
Technical computing experience,
Ability to adopt and adapt to complex systems in online environments,
Clear and concise written and spoken communication skills,
Great attention to detail,
Familiar with building layout documents...

Data Analyst

You will be responsible for understanding, analysing and offering solutions for every aspect of our businesses operations, applying these solutions to elevate Frogparking and better streamline our processes to accommodate for this growth.

Your responsibilities will overarch the interpretation of statistical data, turning it into useful information Frogparking can use for critical decision-making. The deep analysis of business data and determining the best way to represent it visually to potential customers, managers and stakeholders is key in this new and exciting role.

Qualities required:
Minimum 3 years’ experience.
A degree in the either of the following subjects would be beneficial: Mathematics, Computer Science, Statistics or Economics.
Experience in data models and reporting packages.
Ability to analyse large datasets.
Ability to write comprehensive reports.
Strong verbal and written communication skills.
An analytical mind and inclination for problem-solving.
Attention to detail.
Proven skills in Agile development.

Key Responsibilities:
Data gathering and preparation.
Asking perceptive questions about the data and sharing conclusions.
Communicate findings in a way that is clearly articulated, create visual representations of data in charts, dashboards or other.
Update databases to reflect changes in systems, products, or customer requirements.
Explaining complex data to colleagues and customers.
Assist the company in making informed judgements....