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Palmerston North 4474


Electronics Engineer

You are a fast-learning intermediate or senior Electronics, Mechatronics, Embedded (or similar) Engineer. Being part of the entire development process from initial concept to shippable product and beyond excites you. You acknowledge that you don’t know everything but you’re eager to learn and stay on top of your game. You have a Bachelor of Engineering (or higher) or you have similar industry experience, specializing in Electronics, Mechatronics, or similar.

What you will do
For most of your day (>80%) you will be engineering solutions. You will love solving complex problems, developing BioLumic’s Seed and Seedling Treatment Systems including:
Product design and development
Schematics and PCB design
Embedded firmware
Mechanical design
Software scripting and internal tool development

Software Engineers

Our mission is to make plants grow better to feed the world. We program plants with light, unlocking natural plant potential without the use of chemicals or genetic modification. We are a well-established Series B funded start-up, growing in New Zealand and the United States of America. Join us and build tech for good. BioLumic has been named in Matchstiq's Top 100 best Kiwi startups and Tech companies to work for in 2023. We’re office-first, because we like the people we work with. We get hands-on with tech hardware, but if you need to work from home, we can make that work too.

We offer engineers competitive salaries plus equity through our employee stock options platform. You get 8 DIY Days a year to learn by working on your passion projects plus a BioLumic Me Day – take an extra day of leave on us. Day to day, you'll be working alongside engineers, data scientists, plant scientists, and agronomists in NZ and the US - and during our all-staff hackathons, you'll be teaming up to solve our most difficult problems.

About you
You are a fast-learning intermediate or senior developer. You specialise in front-end, back-end, DevOps or full-stack development, and you have some years of industry experience behind you. You’re excited about working in BioLumic’s super modern stack: JavaScript/Typescript, React, Redux, NodeJS, AWS, Docker and IoT. You want to contribute to the entire development process from initial concept to shippable product and beyond. Doing the best work