3D Modelling (2)In Computer Aided Design (CAD) or game engine
Asset Management (5)Knowing where your stuff is (physical assets, or digital assets like documents, images, videos)
Business Analysis (14)Identify business needs and determine solutions to business problems
Business Intelligence (9)Data analysis of business information
Cloud Security (9)Securing cloud services and tools
Consulting (18)Expert advice
CRM (8)Customer Relationship Management Systems
Data Science (6)Extracting knowledge from structured and unstructured data
Desktop Support (10)Helpdesk, technical support for users
Digital Marketing (5)Use digital technologies and media to promote products and services
Digital Workspaces (6)Office 365, Sharepoint, Teams, Google Workspace
Disaster Recovery (7)Planning, systems, tools and training
eCommerce (7)Ecommerce web site development
Embedded Electronics (4)for Internet of Things and embedded devices
Engineering Design (3)Simulation, design for manufacture
ERP (2)Enterprise Resource Planning tools
Firmware Development (4)Software for embedded electronics, internet of things
Graphic Design (5)Web, print, branding
Hardware Development (5)Circuit boards, controllers, IoT devices
Hosting (5)Web site hosting, setup, maintenance, tuning
Industrial Design (3)The art or process of designing manufactured products
Information Security (13)Protecting information assets from hackers. Cyber Security
Infrastructure (8)Physical networking, server installations
Internet of Things (10)Design and build IoT products
Machine Learning / AI (6)Application of artificial intelligence to business problems
Mobile Apps (9)iOS, Android phone application development
No Code (6)Low code or no code products and tools
Process Design (7)Business process optimisation or re-engineering
Project Management (11)Manage software projects or development teams
Prototyping (5)Electronic, digital or physical mockups of potential products
Radio (4)Radio frequency or cellular communications
Security Operations (8)Monitor and detect security threats
SEO (2)Search Engine Optimisation
Service Management (6)Design, build, deliver, operate and control IT systems
Social Media (3)Marketing / analysis via social media platforms
Software as a Service (14)Platform or tool providing a service to clients
Software Development (16)Custom software
Strategy (8)Information strategy, technology strategy
Technical Writing (4)Documentation, Help systems, Web
Testing (6)Software and system tests
User Experience (UX) (5)Designing great user experiences
Web Development (17)Building web sites
Workflow Automation (5)Reducing the number of manual steps needed to do common tasks


.net (11)Dot Net framework
Altium (1)Printed Circuit Board design software
Android (6)Android mobile phone operating system
Angular (10)Angular web development framework (Typescript)
AWS (12)Amazon Web Services
Azure (10)Azure web services
C/C++ (7)C programming language
C# (11)C-sharp programming language
Cortex (1)Cortex CPUs
Delphi (3)Programming language
Docker (12)Containers
Elasticsearch (5)Search engine
Flutter (4)Google’s UI toolkit for natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase.
git (16)version control
Gitlab (4)Version control / CI system
Google Cloud (2)Google cloud developer products and services eg Firebase
GraphQL (4)API Query Language
Ionic (2)Open source SDK for mobile app development
iOS (9)Apple iPhone operating system, includes iPadOS
IoT (5)Internet of Things tool chains
Java (6)Java programming language
JavaScript (13)Javascript programming language
Jira (7)Project management
Joomla (1)Content management system
Laravel (3)Laravel PHP web development framework
Linux (11)Software for linux operating system
MacOS (6)Apple operating system for laptops and desktops
Magento (1)eCommerce platform
mercurialVersion control
Microsoft Power Platform (3)Power BI, Power Automate, Power Apps
MySQL (12)MySQL relational database
node.js (14)Node server
Perl (2)Perl programming language
PHP (10)PHP Programming language
Postgres (9)Postgres relational database
PowerShell (8)Microsoft task automation and configuration management tool
Python (9)Python programming language
R (1)Statistical analysis
Rails (1)Ruby on Rails framework
React (7)React web development framework
Redis (5)Cache, no-sql database
RubyRuby programming language
Serverless (6)Cloud provider allocates machine resources on demand, taking care of the servers on behalf of their customer
Solidworks (2)Computer Aided Design / Engineering software
SQL Server (11)Microsoft SQL
svn (2)Subversion version control
Swift (1)Swift programming language for Apple devices
Symfony (3)Symfony PHP web development framework
TDD (3)Test Driven Development
TypeScript (13)Typescript programming language
Visual Basic (7)Legacy Microsoft rapid application development tool
vue.js (5)A JavaScript framework for building user interfaces
Windows (11)Microsoft operating system for laptops and desktops
Wordpress (6)Content management system
Xamarin (1)Cross platform mobile development framework using Microsoft stack.
Xero (5)Xero integrations


Accepts Gateway Students (7)Will support and mentor a high school student 1 day a week as part of their study
Accepts Interns (17)Internships may be available at certain times of the year
Contractors (6)Short term highly skilled staff
Currently Hiring (8)Apply for a job with this company if your skills match their stack


AgTech (16)Agricultural and Horticultural Technology
Business Processes (8)Accounting, Inventory, CRM, Point of Sale, Tracking, Compliance, Knowledge management, Legal, Workflows, Integration
Communications (4)Internet service provider, web hosting, telecommunications
Computer Retail (7)Sale of computers, components and peripherals to the general public
Consulting (7)Advice, strategy, project leadership, business analysis, project management, virtual CIO
Corporate Services (8)IT department serving large national company
Education (9)Tech for learning and teaching, for students and teachers
Factory Automation (4)Electrical, sensors, SCADA, robotics
FoodTech (2)Food technology
Game (1)Game development
Government (6)Councils, military, services providers to government
Hardware (9)Physical devices custom built as own product or for others
Health (5)Health and wellbeing, sports and performance, hospitals and medical
Logistics (3)Transport, warehouse, inventory
MāoriTech (6)Tech companies with significant Māori focus, founders
Software (13)Building custom software / web / mobile products and services for other companies
Tech Infrastructure (17)Design, install, maintain, secure servers, networks and endpoints for other companies
Web and Design (21)Build small business web sites, graphic design, logo and print, search engine marketing, social media