School Trophy Winner

School Trophy Winner



You have made a significant contribution to Information Technology in your school or community this year. And people noticed!

Your school will probably ask you to give the trophy back so someone else can win it next year. Thats all good. But we wanted to do a little more...

Year 9-13

Depending on availability, the winner for each senior school also receives a

which will give you hours more fun and learning.

Please Email Us with your

Every year we will publish an article with the winners from each school, and see if we can get you in the local newspaper.

Year 1-8

Please Email Us with your name and school so we can send you a certificate that you can print and hang on your wall.

Sorry that our sponsorship cannot stretch to to cover prizes for all 60+ schools in the region for every age group. See if you can win it again at High School!

For Teachers

Thanks for your interest and promotion for Information Technology.

The Trophy is intended for a student who has made a significant contribution to the use or awareness of Information Technology in your school or local community this year. This can be in any area that is related to the broader tech industry (hardware, software, user training, creative uses of tech to solve problems).

Ask for the trophy back so you can award it next year. We have prizes available each year, but only a limited number of trophies.

There is a lot of support for schools and teachers available locally and nationally. Contact Us if you'd like to know more.