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16th Floor, NTT Tower
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Koan Software

We provide development capability and AWS Partnerships skills/ Deployment operations teams to SMBs, Commercial and Government Departments. Including QV, WCC, MetService, NZQA, World Rugby, Hnry Limited, HazardCo and others. Fastest partner ever in NZ to reach Advanced Tier

Koan has multiple practices, including DevOps, Cloud Native (Development), Managed Services and Data /ML.

  • AWS Cloud Migration - lift and shift on-prem to cloud services
  • DevOps Automation - automate cloud deployment using Terraform and other Infrastructure as Code tools.
  • Security Maturity Assessments. And DevSecOps - how to get security into IaC.
  • modernizing applications deployed to the cloud, by using serverless and/or containerization (e.g. ECS or EKS K8/Kubernetes)
  • Build application service driven APIs ("micro" services).
  • Build front and mobile applications that consume data.
  • Governance: Over a decade of board level experience.
SkillBusiness Analysis Business Intelligence Cloud Security Consulting CRM Information Security Infrastructure Internet of Things Machine Learning / AI Mobile Apps Process Design Project Management Security Operations Service Management Software as a Service Software Development Strategy Testing Web Development
ToolAWS Docker Elasticsearch Flutter git GraphQL iOS IoT Java Jira Laravel Linux MySQL node.js Perl PHP Postgres PowerShell Python Redis REST Serverless TypeScript vue.js Xero
WorkAccepts Interns
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