Tussock Line

Tussock Line

After decades of working in the IT industry for various verticals, running business and growing teams, we decided to take what we’ve learnt and build a business that focuses on the development of our people and our customers. We know from personal experience, that markets, technology and businesses have to constantly change to survive. With all this change happening around us, it’s easy to get stuck in the forest of day to day tasks, so much so that you can only see the tree right in front of you.

We believe that having access to great people, who are experts in their own fields and know how to help customers navigate a constantly changing environment, is the key to reaching the top of the mountain, not investing in silver bullet solutions. We know that if our team and our customers aren't on the journey together, that even the best solutions in the world will not meet expectations.

We set out to build a team that lives up to this standard and can help our customers get the right outcome.

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1 Contractor Available

Business Consultant

An experienced Business Consultant with a demonstrated history in Solutions Architecture and Project Management with a focus on the telecommunications industry who thrives on solving ICT and business-related challenges. I believe in honesty and integrity, having built long term relationships with clients, business partners, peers and staff, at all levels throughout my career.