Advantage talks Managed Security in NZ

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"Criminal groups and ransomware cartels like Conti, REvil and Darkside have sprung up from a cybercrime business ecosystem, becoming more centralised and more reliant on the trade of access, information and services. These kinds of issues are problematic, but there is good news - organisations are now keenly aware of the risks of attacks to their business, and they’re taking action to address those risks - starting with basic security hygiene. But it can be difficult for businesses to find the resources to protect their operations 24/7, which is driving people to managed outcomes."

“We believe that businesses of all sizes need to protect themselves and we have created a suite of products that can be scaled to fit any NZ-sized business. We provide managed security services that cover most aspects of the cyber landscape, including endpoint security, network security, SIEM, identity, phishing protection, SASE/SWG and DDOS protection.” says Pearpoint.

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