Steve Pavarno

Lightly Salted Software

Custom software development and consulting

Steve Pavarno: Software Engineer

Well seasoned software developer, worked across a range of industries, company types, toolchains. Can also talk information strategy, developer productivity, software process, business process automation. Primary skills in PHP, SQL. Currently contracting in Vue / Typescript / OpenAPI. Experience in many other open source things.

SkillsConsulting CRM Information Security Internet of Things Process Design SEO Software as a Service Software Development Strategy Testing Web Development
ToolsAngular Delphi Elasticsearch Jira Linux MacOS MySQL PHP Redis REST Symfony TypeScript vue.js
Hourly Rate150-200
Availability1-2 weeks notice

Information management5
Enterprise and business architecture5
Information security5
Personal data protection6
Methods and tools6
Business process improvement5
Systems design5
Software design5
Programming/software development6
Data management5
Data modelling and design4
Database design4
Database administration4
Content authoring4
Knowledge management5
Relationship management5
Business administration5
Release and deployment5

Skills are self assessed using the SFIA Framework